Philipp Sokolov

Designer and front-end developer working internationally.
I make things and make them work


Companies I worked with


Languages and Frameworks


Here are some major languages, libraries and frameworks I worked with over the course of past couple of years

Why you should work with me

5+ years design experience

I’ve got two degrees in graphic design
and worked both as a freelancer and as a stuff member

2+ years development

I’ve been doing front-end development for about two years, and worked with major frameworks, cms’ and libraries

Design + development

Ideally I would do both as I believe that form should follow function. If I don’t have that chance, I respect the design when I develop and I think about developers when I design

Big brands

I’ve got an experience working with big brands, big teams, following brand guidelines, being under pressure and delivering projects on time

Ideas & prototyping

I come up with ideas for new products and present them in a nice way
(The Brainstore App)

170 kg

I do powerlifting and can lift 170kg.
This comes in handy if you need to move a fridge around the office


I’m a sugar addict.
You will always find a selection of nice confectionery around my desk. I’m usually happy to share